Simple yet so complicated

by Tempered Hands

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Recorded in a couple of days in my bedroom. I hope you're going to like it heh
It's not amazing but I'm trying


released January 14, 2017



all rights reserved


Tempered Hands Pitești, Romania

I make songs about sad stuff and happy stuff and stuff in general.
Don't be shy to say hi I still afford the luxury of responding to everyone who wants to get in touch!

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Track Name: Me and myself
What a perfect day you chose to stay around
What a fine day you chose to over doubt
What a fine day you chose to be yourself
What a fine day you chose to be a total fucking mess
And it's ok
It's how you've been
Since the first day we've met
And I'll understand
And I'll try to help
But I'm pretty bad at helping myself

What a perfect day you chose to realize
That there is nothing left for you in the scheme of plans
What a fine day you chose to break your promises
What a fine day you chose to be yourself
That's how you've been for the first day I've met you
And it's ok
It's how' you've been
Since we first met and I understood
This is how you are
And after all
You are You are etc.
Track Name: New Year'
Another sleepless night
Another one for you and I
Another wasted dream
Another wound that's gonna heal
And I don't know how everything went so down
Another year has passed
Another reason to make ammends
Sort out this mess
And if you need rest you should take rest
You should cherish it as much as you can
Cuz even doh people who are restless
Are the most awake
You're gonna destroy yourself
If you don't follow the rules
And plus there will be a time in which you won't be able to afford this luxury
Of sleeping when people are people are people are around you
Wishing you were not around them
So sleep
As long you're still breathing
That means you should be happy
My father has a saying
What matters is to be alive
So for one be alive
It will sort everything out
I suppose I suppose I suppose
Track Name: To anyone who has been my best friend
Do I need you
What kind of question is that
of course I need you
Now more then ever
You are my only friend
And I'm gonna make it all
End if you don't
Talk to me

And I hate it when people do that
Why must you threaten me with your friendship
Why can't everything just be perfect between us
You like to get hurt is that why you're my
And I know I said a lot of things
And I'm not regretting many of them
That's me to blame
Why must you hurt yourself
Cuz if you hate me
That's the best way you can
Achieve nothing
Achieve nothing
It's three in the morning and I don't know where I'm going tonight
I just want to run away
Not thinking about anything
And what I used to be
I was such a better person
Now I'm sorry
Maybe that's why you changed aswell
Maybe I am to blame
I know I'm a pretty big mess
And everything is making no sense
And it's ok
At least I still have myself.